Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote in prolife_vegans,
Froggo Zijgeb

Correspondence wi Steven Ertelt 15`3`2010

From: Froggo Zijgeb _To:
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 9:34 AM
Subject: Intellectual property
"Copyright 2003-2010 All rights reserved."
Why? Wouldn't it be good tu spread the information far & wide?

=======2010/03/15 11:06:39
We don't mind if you forward our stories. But you cant reprint them and call them your own. That's called stealing.
Steven Ertelt, Editor and CEO
P.O. Box 270841
Fort Collins, CO 80527

Not really an answer tu my question. It's called stealing because you have decided tu ::own:: the "stories". If some-one took my toast, it would be called stealing. But if decided tu be generous with it, it couldn't be called stealing.
. My question again: Wouldn't it be good tu spread the information far & wide? THis can best be done if the relevant parts are repeated without all the rest. The message is much more like:ly tu be read if the recipient duzznt have tu wade through a whole news-letter. And the recipient is more like:ly tu repeat it if it isn't covered with intellectual property. Have a look at - no hangups about owner:ship of words. And surprise surprise, the uterine murder rate here is half that in USA. THIS IS A RECOMMENDATION. A campaign can't work like a business.
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